Meet the Chefs - Head Chef Andy Lee

by / Apr 08, 2022
Meet the Chefs - Head Chef Andy Lee


Chef Andy (Andy Lee) 

1. Hi Chef! Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Andy Lee. I've been a professional chef for 18 years. I am the head chef of Lunch Bunch.

2. Tell us about your eating habits growing up. Were you a picky eater?

I grew up eating everything and anything. My mom would say that I would eat everything but the kitchen sink. We ate a lot of Korean food growing up and for us children's food was adult food in smaller portions. I think that was the key for all of us to grow up not being a picky eater.

Bonus! What's your favorite food/cuisine?

I would have to say my favorite food is Korean food. It's soulful and nourishing for me and it's what I think about when I think of comfort food.